Polly Table Hot Plate

The Polly Table Hot Plate is our solution to a major problem for parks and campgrounds: accidental burns and melt damage on their picnic tables caused by hot pans or grills.  Once this heat shield is secured to the tabletop, it’s like a permanent pot holder protecting the surface.  You’ve made an investment in high-quality furnishings, so we’ll help you protect them.

The Polly Table Hot Plate is high-heat resistant, so pans and pokers straight off the fire won’t hurt it or the surface beneath it. It also provides a heat shield for tabletop grills and Hibachis.

And we even help you deter theft of the Hot Plate by including special security screws and the drill bit to install them.

This product is designed to be screwed directly onto square or rectangular tabletops whether made of 2 x 10’s or 2 x 6’s.  The plate size is designed so the pilot holes land on boards and not the spaces between them.


  • Made of high-heat resistant material
  • Takes the abuse inflicted by hot pans and utensils without melting/burning
  • Provides a heat shield for tabletop grills
  • Won’t transfer heat through to the surface beneath
  • Fits 2″x6″ or 2″x10″ tabletop construction
  • Includes pre-drilled pilot holes, security screws and special bit for installation
  • Security screws hinder theft and vandals
  • Smooth on reverse side, can be installed with either side facing up
  • Enables you to provide eco-friendly furnishings that last for decades and maintain their new appearance
  • 11-13/16″ x 19″ x 5/16″


$65 / 11-13/16″ x 19″ x 5/16″ / FP-Hotplate-CU
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Polly Table Hot Plate

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$65 / 11-13/16″ x 19″ x 5/16″ / FP-Hotplate-CU
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